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AttEmpt orDEr

从词义上讲,in an attempt to表示“力图、试图”,in order to表示“为了......” in an attempt to强调是个人的主观意图,想要干什么,或者想要达到什么目的 in order to尽管有些情况替代in an attempt to使用,但更多时候描述客观上的状态 比如,...

应该就是save的那个对象是null吧,也就是在: public String addOrderCargo() { orderCargoService.addOrderCargo(orderCargo); return SUCCESS; } 你的action中orderCargo是null,也就是你的action没有成功从页面上取到值。

instead = 反而. 63% of parents would ignore orders to evacuate and, possibly hindering the rescue efforts, attempt to reunite with their kids, .


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