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Where does Mr.Sawyer live? Where does his father take them every day? Where does Ann have lunch? How is their garden? Where do the children do their homework? How's weather inautumn How is the weather today? WHen does Tim go to...

1What does he do with us?

what day

对谓语和宾语同时提问,疑问词用what,谓语动词用do,它的形式受时态的影响。此句是现在进行时,所以答案是:What is she doing?

when开头的 what 开头的 who 开头的 what 开头的 where 开头的 when 开头的 what 开头的

What does want 有不会的可以再问我

1、针对划线部分,选择适当的疑问词.常用的疑问词有:what(什么)/why(为什么)/when、what time(什么时候,后者一般用在具体的时刻)/who(谁)/whose(谁的)/where(哪儿)/how(怎么样)/how many(多少,可数的)、how much(多少,不可数)/which(哪一个)等;...

一. in,on在方位名词前的区别 1. in表示A地在B地范围之内。如: Taiwan is in the southeast of China. 2. on表示A地与B地接壤、毗邻。如: North Korea is on the east of China. 二. at, in, on在表示时间上的区别 1. at指时间表示: (1)时...

句子中出现动词的时候,且主语是第三人称单数(he she it),就可以用助动词does,does可作为句子的开头,就是构成一般疑问句,肯定句的时候一般放在主语的后面。eg:I desn't have a soccer ball.But my sister does.转化城一般疑问句的时候,直...



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